Subscribe to LeaveCal with Apple Calendar

Note: Apple Calendar was formerly called iCal

  1. Open Calendar select File > New Calendar Subscription

  2. Paste your personalised calendar link (that you received from your LeaveCal administrator) into the Calendar URL field and click Subscribe

  3. You can edit the name, choose the colour of the leave items, and choose the auto-refresh frequency (we recommend "Every hour"). Click OK.

  4. All of the approved leave for your team will now appear in your Apple Calendar thanks to LeaveCal!

Note that LeaveCal syncs with Xero about every hour, then Apple Calendar syncs with LeaveCal on the auto-refresh schedule you choose so it's possible that the calendar can take up to the total auto-refresh time + 1 hours to update (depending on the timing).

Still stuck? Make sure you get in contact with support.