Oversight Beta

We’re in Beta with the Xero App Store during September 2020. If you’d like to be included please get in touch - otherwise you can self-setup using the instructions below:

  • Go to https://oversight.finlert.com/

  • Select "Create Account" and enter your details

  • A verification code will be emailed out - enter than in

  • Login using your username and password

  • Press the "+" button to add your first Xero Connection - you will be asked to log into Xero, then select the Xero instance you would like to add

  • Once connected Oversight will extract the key metric data from Xero - press the cog in the top right corner of Oversight and tick all of the metrics you would like to see

  • Repeat the last two steps to add more Xero connections

The menu in the top right corner under your name is used for further administration - you can go to Client settings to add more clients for grouping, invite other Users from your organisation, and also review your Xero Connections.

We're really interested in your feedback - you can use our feedback form to shoot through ideas or issues as you go.

Still stuck? Get in contact.

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