What will TAYG retrieve from my Xero account?

We retrieve the name of your organisation, tax information from reports, and business transactions

Our commitment: we will never retrieve any data that isn't required to deliver the TAYG experience to you.

How secure is my data with TAYG?

Your data is encrypted in transit between TAYG & Xero, and also encrypted at rest when it's stored. 

The system has not been able to determine which accounts I use for GST, PAYG or Super. Can I manually update?

If for some reason you have customised your chart of accounts or the system cannot determine these accounts, use the settings menu  to choose your accounts from the dropdown lists.

How do I set up my Tax Savings Account?

If you have a tax savings account set up as a bank feed into Xero, you can set this account in TAYG by going to the settings menu  to choose the account under Tax Savings Account

Why does the due date reference a date that has already passed?

We keep showing your due dates for 7 days after they pass. That allows you to see if you might have missed a date by mistake

How often does my data refresh?

We get the data from Xero once per day @ 9am AEST. 

I have more than one Xero organisation, can I connect them to the same account?

You can add multiple Xero organisations to your TAYG account by going to the dropdown menu under you name and selecting 'Xero Connections'. Here you can add New Connections from Xero.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

If you want to disconnect from Xero you can log into TAYG, go to the dropdown menu under you name and select 'Xero Connections'. Here you can disconnect or add New Connections. You can also do this inside Xero - go to Settings → General Settings → Connected Apps → Press "Disconnect App" next to "Tax As You Go by Finlert".

What are Finlert's office hours?

We are based on Dharawal Country in Australia. Generally we are in the office Monday to Friday.

Still stuck? Get in contact. We will get back to you within 72hrs.