WIP & Invoice Manager (Billy)

The WIP and Invoice Manager for XPM is designed to provide users greater flexibility as well as streamline the process of WIP analysis and invoicing when using Xero Practice Manager and Xero.

The overall solution leverages the best components from each system. Each system will perform a role in the overall solution with data flowing between systems in both directions.

For team members the process of allocating time and costs to client invoices is streamlined and simplified, while also providing flexibility. For partners and managers, they are given the assurance of rigour, consistency and simplicity in the process, while also getting clarity around WIP, write offs, invoicing and staff performance.

Xero Practice Manager

As the source of truth for client data it is the starting point for the overall solution, Xero Practice Manager is used in the system to;
Create Client information including Groups, Clients & Contacts, ensuring that Xero HQ and Xero Tax are also kept up to date as part of the single client record.
Jobs, associated staff and tasks allocated to these jobs are also entered in XPM.
Most importantly staff enter timesheets in XPM providing billable time.

WIP & Invoice Manager

Provides a user friendly interface to perform the analysis of staff time, invoicing and some reporting associated with firm and individual performance. While much of the required data exists in XPM, there are cases where data needs to be loaded into Billy due to limitations with the API’s provided by XPM.


As the financial platform for the practice, one or more Xero files can be connected to Billy. This allows firms to invoice out of separate entities and produce separate financial statements where they operate a group of companies.