Oversight FAQ

What will Oversight retrieve from my Xero account?

When you connect a Xero Organisation you are approving Oversight to access (VIEW ONLY):

  • Reports

  • Attachments

  • Organisation settings

  • General ledger

  • Business transactions

  • Contacts

  • Your name, email, and user profile

You have our commitment that this data will never be used for any purpose other than providing the Oversight service to you and your registered users. You can review our Privacy Policy (Oversight) for more information.

How secure is my data with Oversight?

We have a strong security reputation - we have built systems that integrate with the ATO & ASIC before so understand the way to ensure that data is secured. All data is encrypted in transit, and also encrypted at rest.

Access to production data is tightly controlled only to qualified staff that have signed a personal commitment to security & privacy (in their employment contract).

Data is hosted with Amazon Web Services (in Sydney, Australia) who manage it under the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard.

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