SubSync brings together two of the most powerful apps available to small business business – Stripe & Xero

The two way integration ensures that you have all of your Stripe created invoices in both systems all the time.


  • All your Stripe-created invoices appear in Xero automagically so you know exactly where you stand all the time

  • Map Stripe Products to Xero Products or Services for extra reporting depth on the Xero side

  • Manage Accounts Receivable from Xero so you get a holistic view (regardless of where the invoice was created)

  • Deal with invoices with non-standard tax by allowing you to map tax rates between Xero and Stripe

  • Multi-Xero is no problem - connect all your Xero Organisations, then map them to Stripe Accounts (one Stripe Account to one Xero Organisation)

  • Multi-Stripe is no problem - Just connect all of your Stripe Accounts then map each to a Xero Organisation

  • Connect unlimited Xero and Stripe accounts for a single point of management

  • It’s not just for subscriptions - any invoice you create in Stripe will automatically be replicated in Xero and kept in sync

  • Plus many more features soon to be released…

How does it work?