Creating Custom calendar types

There is often a need to capture details of staff availability which is not related to leave or payroll. Examples might be;

  • Non working days for part time employees

  • Work from home arrangements

  • Employees who are travelling, or working from a different location

To include this type of ‘leave’ in LeaveCal you have the ability to create a ‘Custom Type’

Creating Custom Types is easy

Go to the Settings tab in the LeaveCal console

Select the + button as seen below

You can now enter any ‘Type’ that may be applicable for your business

Once this 'Type is created you can then create one off of recurring events for this from the calendar tab in the LeaveCal console.

By selecting the ‘+' next to 'Team Calendar’, you can then enter the details for the appropriate employee

If the event is reoccurring select the ‘Yes’ radio button and complete the details.

Once a ‘Custom Type’ event has been created they will be included in alerts along with any other leave in the LeaveCal calendar

If you are still stuck get in touch here