Creating Leave Alerts

When you set up LeaveCal for the first time and connect to Xero we'll automatically set you up with a Leave Alert. Every Monday morning you'll receive a summary of employees on leave for the week (via email).

You can configure Leave Alerts for others also, including group email addresses. Just select the calendar you are interested in, then hit the "+ Add Alert" button (you can create as many Leave Alerts as required).

You can pre-fill with existing employee details retrieved from Xero Payroll, or enter any other details if the recipient isn't included in the payroll list.

Choose the medium for the Alert:

  • either email (you can specify any email address), and/or
  • Slack (it wil default to the channel you selected when you configured Slack)

Choose to receive:

  • Daily Leave Alerts - sent every morning with a list of the people on leave for the day
  • Weekly Leave Alert - sent on a Monday morning containing details of everyone on leave during the coming 14 days
  • Approved Leave Alert - sent immediately when an employee has leave approved

You can create calendars for any of the Employee Groups you have configured in Xero. If you want a Leave Alert for a different employee group, just create a new calendar, select the employee group, then use the " Add Alert" button when the calendar has been created.

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