LeaveCal FAQ

What will LeaveCal retrieve from my Xero account?

We retrieve the name of your organisation, the list of your employee names, titles & departments - including any (optional) email addresses entered into Xero. We then grab a listing of any approved leave that they have in the system.

Our commitment: we will never retrieve any of your invoice, payment or salary data. We only retrieve the data required to deliver the LeaveCal experience to you.

How secure is my data with LeaveCal?

Your data is encrypted in transit between LeaveCal & Xero, and also encrypted at rest when it's stored. 

How often will my calendar be updated (when and how does data sync occur)?

We update your calendar feed once per day - most calendar apps only check for changes once per day, so they will always get the latest info.

What if I have more than one Xero organisation?

You'll need to create a Finlert account for each Xero organisation that you have.

How do I share the leave calendar with the whole team?

Once you have created your calendar you can press the "Share this calendar" button in the LeaveCal admin interface - enter the email addresses of your team and they will get an email containing the URL plus a link to instructions for all the popular calendar apps.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

If you want to disconnect from Xero you can log into Finlert, go to the Account page and press the Disconnect button. You can also do this inside Xero - go to Settings → General Settings → Connected Apps → Press "Disconnect App" next to "LeaveCal by Finlert".

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