Slack Integration

Finlert has a Slack bot that allows you to check on upcoming leave directly from Slack, and you can also receive Leave Alerts in Slack - a great way to keep the team in the loop.

Setting up Slack Integration

To set up your slack integration

Navigate to Settings located in the top right hand corner and click Add to Slack

A new page will open asking you to login to Slack. Select your target Slack channel and click Allow

You will be redirected back to Finlert and after a few seconds you should get a success message as well as a notification in Slack that you have connected to the Finlert Slack App

Using the integration from Slack

In Slack you can use the /getleave function to get a summary of upcoming leave. Just type /getleave and a number of days to look ahead e.g. /getleave 10 retrieves all leave for the next 10 days and provides it in list form. If you don’t specify a day it will assume 7 days. The /getLeave command is only visible to you.

Leave Alerts & Slack

When you are logged into Finlert you can add Leave Alerts. Press the “+ Add Alert” button , then set the Medium of a Leave Alert to Slack

When the alert is delivered it will appear directly in the Slack channel configured earlier: