LeaveCal and Xero: Visibility of employee leave has never been easier

Our integration with Xero allows you to set up personalised email alerts & calendars for you and your team in seconds.

With LeaveCal you can:

  • Receive Leave Alerts letting you and your team know who's in & out
  • Keep up to date with your team's birthday's and anniversaries
  • Connect to your calendar of choice whether it's Gmail, Outlook or any mobile device we have you covered.
  • Share calendars with your team to ensure everyone knows who's in

How does it Work?

LeaveCal integrates with Xero to create a 'Calendar' view of your teams approved leave. Using your existing calendar application you can then subscribe to LeaveCal, or use our HTML version to embed in your internal system.

Getting set up

After logging into LeaveCal you will be guided through the setup to create your first ‘Calendar’.

This process will configure which employees are included, what types of leave are included and what attributes of that leave you want to share. 

If you have an Australian Xero entity, you have the ability to create calendars for individual employee groups. Unfortunately this is not possible for the UK and NZ.

Still stuck? Get in contact.

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